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Now... About Home Based Business:

What is BS and What Isn't?

There is no authoritive standard for what is possible and what isn't. It is very easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and rake in the bucks- and for what? At the end of the month you look at your credit card charges and think what on earth was that for.

Are You New to Making Money Online?

Or have you been struggling for a while? Though the two of us found ourselves in a highly regarded industry, through the course of many conversations, we had one common theme: When it came to believing all of the “claims” and “schemes” of “easy money” and “the get rich quickst-ers,”

We were as guilty as anyone. So to save us from making any mistakes, or at least reducing the number and impact, we put this report together free of charge as a public service to you, and a path to sanity for us. More information at

There is so much information and so many “deals of a life time, buy now before I raise the price.” Then you read someone's material and he tells you this is the way to convince people to buy. Then you find out you were reading the 2003 stuff, and everyone has caught onto that. The 2006 stuff is $1500- Arggggg! Aaaaaa!

Then you get another email announcing the greatest "free" teleseminar since the last one. So you call. Note these calls are always at least about one hour or more and it is on your nickel unless it coincides with the free minutes on the cell phone. Or you have a voip setup. Then you get another email anouncing another call. You could easily spend all your time on the phone. You won't have time to read the e-books that are gathering dust on your hard drive. Then you get another idea. Then your credit card gets charged again. A viscious circle. The puppy chasing its tail.

Like a parent it’s time to say: “OK, OK, ENOUGH ALREADY!”

We hope you enjoy our research and opinions, and we really hope that we can save as many people as possible from the chutes, and guide you to the ladders of internet marketing matters.